Frequently asked questions - faq



No, there is no cure. Remember, a person with Down syndrome has an extra chromosome. The genes in the extra chromosome slightly alters the way the person develops. That is why, Down syndrome is not an illness or a disease rather it is a condition. Early intervention, high quality health care, good educational opportunities, appropriate nutrition, and many other interventions make a huge difference in the individual’s life.


Early intervention helps managing the condition. Immediately consult an occupational, physical and speech therapist, who will guide you in how to promote your baby’s progress. Talk to other parents near you, they might have more information on affordable programs in your area and on how to start. Also reach out to us for online social interaction and assistance from other parents.


Don’t segregate your child. Don’t give them a different life, rather, let them play, go to school, make friends and discipline them like any other child. Let them face their fears and learn from their mistakes. By doing this you are teaching them to be dependent. Early intervention programs will help them develop motor, language and social skills that will give them better chance to success. Remember, it’s just an extra chromosome.