About us

Receiving news of a child with DS can be very devastating. We are glad that you have come to our website. We are here to support, bring families together, and encourage families with the best possible guidance and information. You will meet other parents, siblings and caregivers that have walked the same journey. We know it has been quiet a journey.

a) Who we are
DSSK is a non- profit disabled persons Organisation working for the rights and welfare of persons living with Down syndrome. It was registered in 2003 under the Society’s Act and in 2013 with National Council for persons with Disability (NCPWD), Kenya. It was successfully launched on 6th March 2004 with an overwhelming support from both the private and corporate world. A support we yearn to nurture and maintain.

DSSK has a national membership of persons living with Down syndrome, parents, siblings and affiliates groups in Kenya. Our chief objective is to use a rights based approach in achieving total inclusion and human rights for persons with Ds in the society.

Read the Strategic Plan (2018-2020) to find out more of our future plans. 

Read the Society's constitution here: Our Constitution